Monday, September 5, 2011

Remember When: A Tale of Growing Up

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to grow up and be like my Mom, I wanted to do the things she did so badly. Everything looked fun and exciting; cooking, ironing and even washing floors looked like a blast to me. I had a little toy mop set when I was little and I used to pretend to be Cinderella and mop the whole kitchen floor, usually mopping myself into a corner and wondering how Mom did it without getting stuck in a corner herself.
Then there was Ironing, I remember watching my Mom do all the iron work and thinking to myself how fun it looked. She would show me tricks and things to do and when I got to try it, I ironed everything I could find, doll clothes, blankets, shirts, underwear, anything I could get my hands on! 
Of course there was the washing machine stage too, when Mom finally showed me how to do my own laundry. I was SO excited I washed everything in the house, dug stuff out of my closet just so I could do laundry and even went digging in storage for blankets I could wash. I know, I was a crazy kid. We didn’t need towels or anything washed for a week though! Hahaha
Now days when I have to iron, I think back to the days that I thought it was so much fun and wonder what happened! Mopping the floor isn’t nearly as fun as it was when I was 6 either and doing laundry, uhg! It’s amazing how things go from being so new and exciting to so everyday, been there done that and now it’s just a chore. I still remember those days though, when everything was so fun and exciting, when I was becoming a “big girl”, I think it’s kind of cute now.
       My sister just had a baby girl in April and I totally plan on getting her all those little things I had as a kid; the toy mop and broom and little play iron. I wonder if she’ll feel like I did when I was growing up. I think it will be fun to see. ^_^

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