Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mmmm Fall

How can anyone not love fall? It is such a pretty time of year. All the leaves turn their lovely colors, apples abound and there are berries galore. At least where I live that's how it is, maybe I'm just lucky. ^_^

When I woke up this morning there was fog everywhere and I thought with that and the trees turning their pretty colors, it was just beautiful. So I ran and grabbed my camera and snapped a couple shots to share with all of you. ^_^ I hope you enjoy.

We actually had a bad year this year for apples. There was a freak snowstorm in May which killed off most of the blossoms from our apple trees, but this new little one is actually pretty loaded this year. It's only about 3 years old, but the apples it is producing are pretty big. I think I will be making some apple bread soon and maybe another apple pie, mmmmm. ^_^


  1. What lovely photos ~ nothing like misty mornings, they usually produce beautiful sunny days ~ hope yours is today.

  2. It actually did turn out to be a nice day. It took until late afternoon, but it did finally clear up and get nice and sunny. ^_^