Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Squirrel At My Window

It has been so wet and dreary lately it's really no fun to go outside, we've actually had the wettest June on record, as of yesterday. So I've been hanging out inside a lot watching the little birds come to the bird feeder. Today we had a young squirrel pay us a visit! I was able to get right up to the window to take some pictures of the little guy, he's so darn cute!

We have quite a few bunnies hopping around in the yard too, but my camera's zoom doesn't work very well, otherwise I would have some sweet bunny pictures to show off. It's fun to see all the critters running around outside all the time. Once the apples come on the trees I'm sure we'll even have a bunch of deer too. But for now, I thought it would be fun to share this cute little guy with you all. Enjoy. ^_^


  1. I had one of these inside my feeder yesterday, I wish I'd gotten a photo, it was so funny!

  2. We have a couple of bird feeders hanging from a tree too, it's funny to see the squirrel try and jump onto them from the tree.

  3. Hi Elfie! I miss squirrels - we don't have these squirrels here. We do have 'ground squirrels', look more like mice. Kind of. Crazy desert. :)