Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cute Springtime Etsy Finds

Here is just a few of the fun little items I found on Etsy that remind me of springtime. I hope you enjoy. ^_^

Isn't this an adorable little mouse by I haven't bought anything from her shop yet but I would very much love to. She has tons of cute little mice and animals in there. Check this shop out. ^_^

Next is a cute little terrarium with a gnome and mushrooms in it by I have one just like it and love it to bits. I don't know why but it brings me so many smiles I think everyone should have one now. ^_^

You can't have springtime without bunnies, right? I found this wonderful etsy shop a bit after Christmas and fell in love with the bunny banks so much that I had to have one too. They are adorable and very well made with a cute little cotton ball cork tail. Check out for some adorable bunny banks and cute little tea light houses.

Lastly, I came upon a wonderful vintage shop the other day and fell in love with this cute little weather house. It tells the temperature and will tell you what the weather will be like depending on if the man or woman is out of the house. I thought this would be a nice springtime addition to tell when rain is coming. Though I live in Northwest Oregon so rain is always coming, but still, it's cute! You can see other great vintage items in her shop too by going to

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